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IVFPrescriptions is a global online retailer of branded fertility drugs. We work with specialized pharmacies in a number of locations to ensure that customers from all over the world get the best possible pricing on IVF medications.

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IVFPrescriptions is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service as well as affordable fertility medications and no generics. Fertility treatment is difficult enough without the added complexity of fertility medications and their high expenses. For over 12 years, our support staff of customer care experts and pharmacists has helped thousands of consumers lower the cost of their fertility treatments.

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IVF Prescriptions is authorized by the Ministry of Health. Serving as a reputable online provider of branded fertility drugs, IVF Prescriptions operates pharmacies in the UK as part of a network that supplies a range of specialty medications, from vital lifesaving drugs to transformative fertility treatments. IVF Prescriptions and its affiliates are IVF medications specialists as well as world leaders in cancer medications and immunology. We do all of this while offering IVF meds affordably and at the best prices possible.

We deliver to hospitals worldwide.

We are a safe and reliable IVF pharmacy specializing in online fertility drugs. We have the best customer service and the most affordable prices. Fertility treatment carries with it enough of a challenge without the additional hassle of trying to obtain the best price on IVF drugs. Our low prices on fertility medications has won us the reputation of being one of the most affordable online IVF meds organizations in the world.

Note that all our IVF medications are manufactured in Europe: The Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany. Each box of infertility medications from IVF Prescriptions has a barcode identifying the country of origin and an expiration date, thus representing a certificate of guarantee and purity made by the manufacturer. Our expiration dates are quite long and are shipped in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications, insuring that they meet the highest standards.

We are dedicated to help reduce the cost of IVF cycles by offering low prices on IVF prescription drugs. More men and women with infertility can afford infertility medications with ivfprescriptions.com. Many reputed IVF Clinics recommend ivfprescriptions.com to their out-of-pocket paying patients. With savings on fertility drugs, patients can afford an extra cycle of IVF treatment when needed, or simply save hundreds, or thousands, of dollars.


We are the only online IVF pharmacy using physicians to verify prescriptions, so that patients know who is dispensing their IVF prescriptions. The most respected physicians and clinics in the United States and Canada rely on us for their infertility drugs. We don’t offer generics, Chinese, or Indian medications. We are proud to be the best IVF pharmacy with the most affordable IVF medications on the market, today. We offer ONLY the brands prescribed by your doctor.


In order to insure accuracy and privacy we will need your prescription upon ordering. You can attach the prescription. We cannot process an order without a signed prescription from your physician.

Make sure that you have 12 to 14 days of time before medications are needed (order two weeks ahead of need). Upon payment approval, the delivery takes up to seven business days.

Once you’ve placed your order, a tracking code is provided to you within 48 hours. You can track your package via www.usps.com. Unlike traditional pharmacies, we deliver on Saturdays as well, and are available to take your order round the clock.

Please note that we deliver to residences only. Upon special request, we will ship to your office if there is proper attendance.


Advocates for Low Cost IVF Medications

As patient advocates, we are committed to finding you the best prices on fertility medications. We offer patients an average 35-50% savings over the high prices offered by retail pharmacies in the United States, Canada and Europe. Discount IVF medications can save patients thousands of dollars during a single treatment cycle. We are able to negotiate lower prices by purchasing medications in bulk quantities from our affiliate pharmacies. Low cost IVF drugs are also made available by reduced overhead costs. Prices are always current, and we only offer IVF medications that are in stock, with realistic timeframes for their transport and delivery. There are never any hidden charges, which makes IVF Prescriptions the best IVF pharmacy in operation today.

You’ll find only the highest quality of medications when you use IVF Prescriptions. Our medications are shipped from licensed pharmacies. We only use brand name medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We provide IVF medications manufactured in the European Union only. Our aim is to create a supportive environment for men and women suffering from infertility.

Experts in the Field of IVF Medications

True to our commitment that every man and woman deserves to have a child, we proudly advocate IVF, surrogacy and adoption for alternative lifestyle couples. IVF Prescriptions is more than just an IVF pharmacy. We are not only here to offer you the best prices on IVF medications, only,  but also to lend support as you seek out treatment to make your dream of parenthood a reality. We truly wish to partner with you in this journey, and promise to assist you, to go above and beyond, in our quality, reliability, and our personal attention.

Reasons to choose IVF medications

  • Outstanding customer service, pharmacists with many years’ experience.
  • Encrypted, safe, secure transactions.
  • FDA approved fertility drugs, ONLY. No generics.
  • Low prices on brand name fertility medications, exactly as your doctor has prescribed.