Follistim 300 IU 1 Cartridge. To be used with a Pen Device


Follistim is a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) medication. FSH is integral for healthy egg growth and development. In males, FSH helps stimulate the testes to produce sperm.

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If your ovaries are having difficulty releasing eggs, or the eggs are not maturing sufficiently before release, then your doctor may prescribe Follistim 300 iu to help. This drug is also used in IVF treatments to help with egg production and collection.

What is Follistim 300 IU prescribed for?

Follistim 300 iu is a purified form of follicle stimulating hormone which is prescribed to women to stimulate production of eggs, and to allow those eggs once produced to remain long enough to become mature before release. Follistim is often combined with other fertility drugs, most common if you are undergoing IVF treatments. If your ovaries are intermittent with releasing eggs, or your periods are irregular, this medication can assist in bring balance back to your ovaries. However, if you have certain disorders your doctor may not prescribe Follistim 300 iu because in some instances, it would not work.

Where fertility drugs are concerned, Follistim 300 IVF is one of the milder fertility medications on the market today. There are side effects, but many women do not have any, and those that do experience them only temporarily while their bodies adjust.

What will Follistim 300 iu Cost You?

Follistim 300 iu costs are often less than that of the higher dosages simply because it is a reduced strength. However, even with that optimistic news, the insurance company most likely will not cover it. While some companies in the U.S. are offering fertility treatments as part of their incentive packages, most American business models do not offer coverage.

The Follistim price, even at this low dosage, can be exorbitant if you have to pay full price out of pocket. However, the solution may be as easy as your home computer. Purchasing Follistim 300 iu cheaply, or for a very deep discount is possible if you buy from a reputable online pharmacy. Keep your Follistim costs low by doing some research before buying.

Side Effects with Follistim 300 IU

If you are using Follistim 300 IU as a name brand fertility drug, then chances are you will have only mild side effects, if any. Generics, on the other hand, are not always maintained with the same standard of care and formulation as name brand fertility drugs. Side effects with off brand Follistim generics can be wide ranging, and in some instances, dangerous. Then the overall cost of Follistim 300 IU may be greater than ever.

Side effects commonly associated with name brand Follistim 300 IU include:

  • Mild headaches.
  • Nausea that goes away.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Hot flashes.

In past years ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) was a common occurrence, and not a good side effect. Now, however, this is often avoided as physicians have updated protocols to monitor the development of the eggs, and to scale back dosages if necessary.

In all instances, and as with any medications you are taking, if you start to have severe pelvic pain, breathing issues as with an allergic reaction, lowered urination or cessation of it, or unexplained weight changes, call your doctor immediately.

Where can you purchase Follistim 300 iu cheap online?

Not all online pharmacies are the same. Some online IVF med pharmacies online offer a wide array of medications, in addition to fertility drugs. Others specialize ONLY in fertility medications, but even those are not created equally.

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