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Menopur is a combination of FSH and LH hormones which are integral to ovarian health.

Menopur 75 iu is a combination injectable fertility drug containing both follicle stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones. These are usually referred to as FSH and LH. It supports ovary health and helps to regulate the hormones associated with production of eggs. If you’ve been missing your period, or haven’t had a period in a while (and aren’t menopausal), then your doctor may prescribe Menopur to help restore the hormonal balance.

What you should know about Menopur 75 IU

Menopur is a purified type of hormone that assists your ovaries in producing eggs, and encouraging maturation of the eggs. This is often prescribed if your ovaries don’t produce enough eggs regularly, or the eggs are releasing too early to be viable for conception to take place. Menopur 75 IU is one of the most prescribed name brand fertility medications for those who would like to start a family, but are having difficulty doing so.

Menopur 75 IU is one of the fertility drugs you must inject. You receive several vials of the medication which must be mixed with purified water (also provided with the vials). If you are not confident giving yourself shots, you shouldn’t worry. Not only will your healthcare providers instruct you, but you can also enlist your significant other’s assistance, as well as review proper techniques online.

What will Menopur cost?

Your cost is dependent on how much your doctor wants you to take, and how often. If you purchase Menopur from a regular pharmacy then your costs will be significantly higher. indicates the average cost is in the thousands of dollars whereas purchasing the fertility drug online through a reputable pharmacy has you paying anywhere from 50-70% less. Menopur pricing is kept low by online pharmacies because they are freer than their brick and mortar contemporaries to purchase in large volume from all sources. Additionally, online pharmacies offering low Menopur costs often offer other fertility medications you may also be prescribed to take along with your Menopur.

Will You have Side Effects with Menopur 300 IU?

While it is nonsensical to say no one ever experiences side effects with Menopur, most state that the side effects are short-lived if they have them at all. However, having said that, each case and individual is unique so make sure to remain vigilant as to changes in your body that are concerning. Side effects that you may experience, and should go away in time include:

  • Flu like symptoms that subside.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Mild stomach cramps.
  • Mild headache.

If at any point you start to feel pain in your joins, slurred speech, weakness or extreme tiredness, swelling in your face, feet or legs or if you are having trouble seeing…seek help immediately. Any changes in your ability to urinate, if you are throwing up continually and can’t stop, if you have unexplained weight gain over a short period of time, seek medical attention quickly.

Where can you buy Follistim 300 IU online?

Deciding to get the best price on Follistim 300 IU online is a smart decision, but your research should not stop merely at price. Make sure that the medication you are purchasing is from an online pharmacy specializing in fertility drugs, has been around for awhile and offers certain quality guarantees. Questions to ask of the potential online pharmacy include:

  • Do they work with fertility clinics, hospitals and other health care organizations regularly?
  • Are they certified by a recognized organization?
  • Where do they source their IVF meds and fertility medications?(Avoid non-European sources!)
  • Do they require you to have a legal prescription before ordering?
  • Do they have a guarantee policy in the event the shipment is damaged or lost?
  • Does the pharmacy verify your order, and offer a verification process?

8 reviews for Menopur 10 Vials

  1. Latasha

    Very happy with the service
    Thank you so much for making this possible. The savings on two cycles were amounting to more than $ 5000.00. Without you, this would not have been possible. The savings were crucial.

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