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Thank you Ivfprescriptions.com

Very impressed with your company! Everyone was so nice and helpful! The meds were easy to order, pay for, and arrived earlier than expected! Thank you so much!!!!

Highly recommend!

Great company! Super fast responses via email and phone. All medications arrived quickly and with tracking. Saved me over $2k off my prescriptions! Definitely recommend!

Ivfprescriptions.com AMAZING

Ivfprescriptions.com provided a superior honest service providing very expensive ivf medications at big savings to consumer. Gonal-F alone resulted in $500 per pen savings (four were needed!). Many thanks for the professionalism, superior product and service!

Meds were easy to order, pay for, and arrived earlier than expected!

Very impressed with your company! Everyone was so nice and helpful! The meds were easy to order, pay for, and arrived earlier than expected! Thank you so much!!!!

Thanks to IVF prescriptions

Very good service.. in time response..

Fast and Easy

Easy process, especially after the first time! Friendly customer service.

IVFPrescriptions.com is My New Fave IVF Pharmacy!

Thanks to Jason for spending so much time with a newbie like me on the telephone! I love the online pharmacy opens at 8 am. I got my package super fast and even saved $100 on the new Refer-a-Friend deal AND FREE SHIPPING– plus they included a sweet thank you gift.Thanks to IVFPrescriptions.com for making this a pleasant exchange, I was nervous and after waiting so long to try IVF quite anxious.

Thanks again IVFPrescriptions.com! IVF Meds Arrived just as Promised!

My IVF meds arrived within 7 days of ordering, just as promised! Insurance does not cover anything, so my almost 50% savings was a blessing. All the meds were the same, except for the way you mix menopur, but just as easy. Good luck everyone!

Customer Service Very Helpful

Jason,Just wanted to say thank you for all the help. We went through a cycle and got quite a few eggs. We will probably do another cycle in early 2018 and will place another order through you- everything worked out great. Thanks again!

Easy to order, great communication

Easy to order, great communication -not just email but phone calls also. Meds arrived as promised and within the needed timeframe. Thank you so much, now fingers crossed the rest of the process goes this smooth!

Customer Service helpful and sweet

I talked with Jason in August and he helped me convey what I needed to the nurse and get my prescriptions straightened out. This was my first cycle with IVF and medications, and quite a lot to process. It had been quite emotional already up to that point and learning we needed to seek treatments and our insurance doesn’t cover much, its been quite the undertaking in stress and money. But it also gave us hope, and after 2 failed attempts with other online pharmacies as my prescription needed rewording I’m so happy I found IVfPrescriptions! Jason helped me see that instead of just turning me away. This was 2 months ago and now we are waiting to take our first pregnancy test!!Thanks Jason for helping us and taking the time to solve the problem!!

Couldnt Get Through by Phone

Last month I ordered Gonal F, Menopur and Ganirelix. I tried to reorder this month and called Friday and Sat. at 10 am. No answer at the 866-989-0078 number. I had to go somewhere else but wanted to ask if you had a new number or is there a better number to call where someone will answer? I need to buy some next month, so hopefully you will have better customer service then? I like your prices better, but these are timed injections and medicines so customers cant wait on someone to answer the phone. I am sure you understand that. If you do not do weekend hours please update the site. Thank you.

Really Impressed with Ivfprescriptions.com

I’m really impressed with ivfprescriptions.com. They have great customer service, Jason is very helpful and always answers the phone. I️ received the medications I️ ordered very quickly (within 5 days) and saved at least 50% off what the cheaper pharmacies in the US charge. I️ honestly don’t know if I️ could have afforded the medications otherwise. Thanks so much ivfprescriptions.com


I’m very happy with pharmacy@ivfprescription.com . I recommend everyone who needs IVF medication, pharmacy@ivfprescription.com. Excellent customer service, nice people will answer all questions by phone and email. Quick order and delivery. I got the medication in an ice container, they were still cool. Guaranteed quality of the medication and it’s true.P.S. Thanks for the gifts is very nice.