Follistim 900 IU 1 Cartridge.


Follistim is a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) medication. FSH is integral for healthy egg growth and development. In males, FSH helps stimulate the testes to produce sperm.

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What Will Follistim Cost You?

What is Follistim?

Follistim 900 IU, and all of the various dosages of Follistim, are prescribed primarily for women whose bodies are not producing enough follicle stimulating hormone responsible for the release and development of mature eggs. This drug is a key component in IVF treatments, but can also be prescribed for men whose sperm count is low. Follistim 900 IU may be prescribed in conjunction with other fertility medications by your RE. Follistim has been on the market for a long time and has a high success rate.

Often women who are having trouble conceiving have ovaries that are not functioning properly and Follistim 900 IU (which is the highest dosage), helps to regular ovarian function or to “jump start” ovaries to produce multiple eggs for IVF procedures. Of the various follicle stimulating hormones prescribed for fertility treatment, Follistim is one of the mildest you can take and has less side effects than others that may be prescribed. Follistim also comes in dosages of 300 IU and 600IU. If you have been prescribed Follistim IU, it is an injectable so you must learn how to give yourself the injections with a pen device.

Follistim Costs out of Pocket

Each insurance company is different, but most Follistim costs are not covered under regular insurances. Certain companies do offer family planning as well as fertility riders on their company plans, but most in the U.S. currently do not. If you purchase Follistim 900 IU online through a reputable pharmacy, your costs will be lower. However, you should avoid any of the generic brands as the standardization and quality control are often suspect.

If the cost of Follistim has you wondering if you can afford the treatment, you should know that most of the other fertility medications most often prescribed cost more. Purchasing them in a regular pharmacy also adds to the overall cost of Follistim. While many pharmaceutical companies offer discounts and programs to help those who cannot afford the medications, most fertility companies do not. This makes finding and working with an online pharmacy even more critical. Keep your Follistim costs low by taking the time to do your homework ahead of time.

Follistim 900 IU Side Effects

Follistim 900 IU used as an injectable with a pen device is a fertility drug that has fairly mild side effects. Still, everyone’s body chemistry and life history are different, so it is important to be aware of potential side effects. Initially there may be pain at the injection site, but if you will ice it down prior to giving yourself the injection, it lessens this tremendously. Other side effects include mild stomach cramps, stuffy nose and sometimes bloating. Hot flashes headaches and brief bouts of nausea have been reported, too but are fairly rare. The time to call your doctor is if you have any concerns after taking Follistim, or you are experiencing trouble breathing, pelvic pain, a lessening of urination or sudden weight gain. If any of those symptoms or other allergic reactions occur, seek medical attention quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Follistim 900 IU

Is Gonal F the same as Follistim 900 IU?

While both are designed to stimulate your follicles, Follistim ONLY has follicle stimulating hormones. Gonal F and Menopur both have not only the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), but also have luteinizing hormone (LH).

What exactly is follistim?

Follistim is one of the mildest fertility medications designed to stimulate your follicles into producing eggs and encourages them to mature. It can also be prescribed to men to help boost sperm count.

What does follistim do in IVF?

If you are beginning IVF treatment, then Follistim 900 IU is often prescribed to produce and collect more than one viable egg for fertilization and implantation.

How much does follistim 900 IUcost?

The cost of Follistim depends on whether your insurance covers it or not. offers it at 50-70% below retail, and it is for name brand product, not generics.

Can I purchase Follistim IU without a prescription?

No, Follistim 900 IU (as well as most other fertility related drugs) must be prescribed by a physician. This is because hormones, in the right dosages, can help and heal, while hormones in the wrong dosages can be harmful. You should never take fertility drugs, Follistim 900 iu, or others without the strict supervision of a doctor.

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