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Gonal-F is most often prescribed for women whose ovaries are healthy, but do not consistently release eggs.

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Gonal-F Uses & Indications

This is a fertility medication that is prescribed for women who are suffering from infertility stemming from ovulation issues. Gonal F is a hormone that supports ovarian health and stimulates them to produce eggs. Normally, this IVF med is prescribed along with other IVF drugs to drastically increase the chances of conception. Gonal F 450 IU is one of many high quality infertility medications offered by IVFPrescriptions. Of the infertility drugs on the market, Gonal-F has a successful track record resulting in pregnancy, especially when combined with other medications such as FSH and hCG types of compounds.

This fertility medication is indicated for patients who are currently engaging in an ongoing IVF series of treatments. Gonal F is one of many IVF meds that are indicated for use in treating infertility. Because we offer only the top branded IVF medications we are able to help you save on the Gonal F cost, over most others in the same market.

Gonal-F 450 IU Side Effects

Gonal F injectable, used as part of the overall IVF treatment, and in conjunction with other IVF drugs, can have one or more side effects. Most women only experience headaches, mild stomach pain or nausea, or tiredness. Some experience slight breakthrough bleeding, which is normal. These may go away over time, or lessen. Most do not suffer from any serious side effects, but in the event of an allergic reaction, such as shortness of breath, swollen lips, tongue, or face, or if you have trouble breathing, seek help immediately.

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How to Buy Gonal-F 450 IU Online

This medication can be easily purchased from IVFPrescriptions, the leader in IVF medications, by following this simple process:

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FAQ: Gonal F

What does Gonal F do?

Gonal F helps eggs to develop within your ovary. It is very helpful for women who’ve been unable to become pregnant because of a hormonal imbalance or other conditions. If your ovaries are irregular with the release of eggs, or if your RE has stated your ovaries are healthy but aren’t allowing the eggs to mature, this medication can help. You’ll find that the Gonal F price is usually less than that of other similar fertility medications.

How do you store Gonal F?

Part of the Gonal F cost is the fact that it is important to keep it refrigerated (even when it is being shipped!). The Gonal F price is often lower with companies that do not ship it refrigerated (which means you must use unopened packages within 3 months, and opened packages within 21 days, or it loses its efficacy). It is best to store it in the refrigerator away from direct sunlight.

Does Gonal F have side effects?

Most women taking Gonal F do not experience side effects beyond a light headache or slight nausea. You may feel tired for a short amount of time while your body gets used to the drug. Some women, though not many, do experience breakthrough bleeding, so understand that this can be a side effect before worrying that it is something worse. In the event of an allergic reaction, or if you experience side effects that do not ease with time, call your doctor.

What is the best time to take Gonal F?

Your doctor will instruct you as to the schedule you need to keep, however most women inject in the evening, often between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

Does Gonal F always work?

Every case is different, but Gonal F has a very good track record, and the gonal f cost reflects is popularity with patients and physicians, alike. A report published in the Human Reproduction journal of medicine in 2002 found that Gonal F increased your odds by 26% with each cycle.

What you need to know before you use GONAL-f

When you factor in the gonal f cost you want to know you are using it properly and to understand how your body will react to it. Aside from understanding the role Gonal F will play in increasing your odds of becoming pregnant, you also need to be aware of how to store it properly and to order more of this fertility drug at least two weeks before you run out.

How to use GONAL-f

Your doctor will most likely instruct you to give yourself an injection in the evening. If you’ve never given yourself an injection before, you can learn how to do it quickly. It is a good idea to pinch a small amount of skin on your abdomen between your thumb and forefinger, then inject directly into this area. The pinching helps to numb it a bit, though you can ice the area down first to help with this. Your doctor will give you step by step instructions for cleaning the area, giving the injection, cleaning afterward as well as what to do with the spent medical waste.

Is there a generic for Gonal F?

Almost all drugs have a generic component, and most, when considering the cost of Gonal F entertain the idea of a generic fertility drug. However, most would agree that it is a gamble. Most often the generic fertility drugs come from India or China where the standardization rules are lax. Gonal F, despite the price in comparison to a generic, is formulated the exact same way each time, using the highest quality ingredients. Most agree it is just not worth the risk.

Gonal F is commonly ordered with: Menopur, Ganirelix, Cetrotide, Crinone, Endometrin

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