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Gonal F assists women whose ovaries do not reliably release mature or viable eggs. If you have healthy ovaries, but your periods are irregular or intermittent, Gonal F 300 iu may be prescribed to you to help support consistent ovary function.

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Gonal F Cost

The cost of Gonal F 300 iu depends largely upon how long your physician wishes you to take it, and how often. Understand that most insurance companies don’t cover this type of fertility medication, and therefore finding the best price on gonal f 300 iu can be critical. The average cost for Gonal F 300 iu from a regular brick and mortar store can run you up to $3,046.78. Purchasing Gonal F online cuts your costs by at least 70% if you know where to look, and you buy from a reputable source so you don’t waste your money.

Gonal F 300 IU FAQ

What is Gonal F 300 IU?

Gonal F 300 IU is an infertility medication commonly applied to women during IVF treatment. Gonal F is sometimes prescribed to men as well, primarily to treat low sperm counts or infertility issues stemming from testicular failure. No matter your gender, you must meet with a doctor and go through a proper medical examination before taking Gonal F. Before paying the Gonal F 300 cost, it is important to understand how the medication works and whether it is the right choice to treat your infertility.

How does Gonal F 300 IU treat infertility issues for men and women?

The main ingredient in GonalF 300 IU is follitropin alfa. Follitropin alfa is a type of hormone from the gonadotropins family, which are largely used in childbirth. In women, follitropin alfa is released to produce healthy eggs. In most IVF treatments, the follitropin alfa found in GonalF 300 IU is paired with another hormone, hCG. HCG helps eggs grow and develop during ovulation. GonalF 300 IU is not recommended if your infertility is a result of primary ovarian failure, as there are other treatment plans specifically for ovarian failure. Gonal-F is typically recommended if you are having issues during ovulation.

The follitropin alfa found in Gonal F 300 IU has a different effect for men. Men who are taking Gonal F to increase their sperm count must first be treated with another IVF medication containing luteinizing hormone, normally produced by the pituitary gland. The most common medication men take before using Gonal F 300 IU is chorionic gonadotropin, but this may change depending on your IVF treatment plan. Taking a medication with luteinizing hormone regulates the amount of testosterone produced by your body, which is necessary for Gonal F to have any effect. In most cases, you continue to take your pretreatment medication while taking Gonal F.

In some cases, your doctor may also prescribe a medication containing gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist, known as GnRHa. This regulates how much follitropin alfa your body normally produces. If there are any issues with your natural follitropin alfa, GnRHa keeps your body from producing harmful follitropin alfa, which interferes with the follitropin alfa produced by your IVF medication.

What types of Gonal F 300 IU medication is available?

When you are preparing to pay the Gonal F 300 cost, you must first select the correct measurement. Gonal F is only available as an injection using a pen system. The Gonal F 300 price includes the pen in most pharmacies. There are several different measurements available when you purchase Gonal F, including 450 IU and 900 IU. The measurements are carefully selected based on your IVF treatment plan. Most plans start with 300 IU. If you do not initially have success with 300 IU your doctor may increase the dosage. Do not change the dosage on your own without consulting your physician.

How much does Gonal F 300 cost?

The Gonal F 300 price largely depends on which pharmacy you use to purchase your IVF medication. IVF treatment is often expensive and not always covered by your insurance plan. If you are paying the Gonal F 300 cost out of pocket, it is important you shop around to make sure you are not being overcharged. One of the best locations to purchase IVF medication from is an online pharmacy.

An online pharmacy selling Gonal F 300 IU must follow the same regulations as an in-person pharmacy. Online pharmacies have more freedom with setting prices. This is because online pharmacies can purchase medication like Gonal F 300 IU from different sources. By paying a lower Gonal F 300 price from an online pharmacy, you are not purchasing an inferior product compared to the IVF medication sold in an in-person pharmacy.

If you purchase your Gonal F 300 IU from IVF Prescriptions, you are assigned a personal representative. Your representative ensures you are given the right medication and dosage. He or she is also a trained pharmacist who can not only answer questions about your order, but also your medication. IVF Prescriptions typically ships within ten or less business days. Like a traditional pharmacy, you must have a prescription from your doctor before you can purchase any type of IVF medication.

How often do you need to use Gonal F 300 IU Injections?

Depending on your IVF treatment plan, you may need multiple injections each day. How long you must wait between injections and whether or not you must use other medication before or after also changes based on your personalized plan. Most patients prefer to administer Gonal F 300 IU injections on their own, especially if they need multiple injections each day. Before you administer your first injection on your own, meet with your physician to learn how to properly use the pen injection.

Where can you store Gonal F 300 IU in your home?

If you take your Gonal F 300 IU injections at home, make sure you keep your medication properly stored. Prior to use store it in its original package in the refrigerator. IVFPrescriptions ships your Gonal f in cooled packs to maintain its quality.

Disclaimer: information taken from webMD.com

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