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Gonal F is prescribed for women whose ovaries inconsistently release eggs before they are mature enough for conception to take place. Gonal F 900 IU is the strongest dosage of this gonadotropic fertility medication.

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Gonal F Cost

Gonal F costs you more if you purchase it from a regular pharmacy as compared to an online pharmacy specializing in fertility medications. The power and reach of the digital pharmacy allows the cost for gonal f 900 iu to remain vastly lower in price than if you purchased it from a regular pharmacy. The average cost for Gonal F 900 iu if you purchased it from CVS would be over $9,000 for four pens (the usual cycle). Compare that to the less than $1000 you’d pay for the exact same brand and dose when purchasing from an online source. The deep discount on Gonal F prices you realize online makes it worth it to do some searching.

Gonal F 900 IU FAQ

What is Gonal F 900 IU?

Gonal F 900 IU is a medication prescribed for use during in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF treatment is one of the most popular and effective ways to treat infertility. IVF treatment primarily focuses on women, but there are some treatment options for men as well. Gonal F 900 IU is an IVF medication designed for both genders.

When is Gonal F 900 IU prescribed to women?

Gonal F 900 IU is prescribed when your infertility stems from ovulation. If your infertility is a result of ovarian failure, you cannot safely take any dosage of Gonal F.

When is Gonal F 900 IU prescribed to men?

It is less common for Gonal F 900 IU to be prescribed to men. If you are prescribed Gonal F it is typically alongside another medication containing luteinizing hormone. This hormone is normally produced by the pituitary gland and manages the amount of testosterone your body produces. Gonal F 900 IU is most often paired with chorionic gonadotropin, but your doctor may prescribe a different medication based on your medical history and what other medications you take. When it is combined with a medication containing chorionic gonadotropin, Gonal F treats infertility caused by either a low sperm count or testicular failure.

How do you take Gonal F 900 IU?

Gonal F comes in several different dosages. The IU part of Gonal F 900 IU refers to international units. The dosages are all administered through an injection. Unlike other types of IVF medication, Gonal F is delivered using an injectable pen instead of a traditional syringe. The Gonal F IU pen price is typically reflected in the total cost of the medication. If you are unsure if the pen is included with the cost, do not hesitate to ask the pharmacy you are purchasing your IVF treatment from.

In addition to Gonal F 900 IU, the injection is also available in 300 and 450 IU. In most IVF treatment plans, you start off with a smaller dosage. If the smaller dosage does not work initially, your doctor may prescribe 900 IU instead. Depending on your medical history and treatment plan, you may also start with 900 IU from the beginning. It is also possible your doctor upgrades you to a higher dosage during your treatment.

How much does Gonal F cost?

Your total Gonal F cost changes depending on several factors. The larger the dosage, the more you must pay. Gonal F 900 costs also increase based on how often you need to take the medication. Unlike traditional medications, how often you take IVF prescriptions changes with each plan. In some situations, you only need one or two injections throughout your treatment. With other plans, you need multiple injections each day for a longer period.

If the Gonal F cost seems too high, are there discount medications available?

In many cases, IVF treatment is not covered by insurance. If you are lucky, your doctor visits are covered, but most patients must pay for prescription medications out of pocket. Gonal F 900 IU is one of the more expensive IVF medications because of the higher dosage and the pen injection If you are worried about the Gonal F IU pen price, consider purchasing your injection from an online pharmacy instead of an in-person store.

Online pharmacies, such as IVF Prescriptions, have a lower Gonal F 900 cost because the pharmacies have better options in medical supplies. In-person pharmacies have a higher overhead and must follow corporate protocols for which brands they can offer. The best online pharmacies can offer gonal f at a low price because they can source Gonal F from many pharmaceutical companies globally.

Online pharmacies have the same regulations as a traditional pharmacy, further ensuring the quality of your IVF medication. It also means the online pharmacy has medical experts on hand to answer any questions regarding your medication. Many IVF treatment plans do not work on the first try. If you are preparing to pay the Gonal F 900 cost for multiple treatments, it makes the most sense to buy from an affordable pharmacy you can trust.

What is the main ingredient in Gonal F 900 IU?

The primary ingredient in Gonal F 900 IU is a hormone called follitropin alfa. Follitropin alfa is normally produced by your body to aid in childbirth. For women, it is released with your eggs to keep them healthy and fertile. With men, it helps sperm production. Follitropin alfa is often combined with another hormone medication, such as hCG. In women, this helps eggs successfully grow and develop during ovulation. Gonal F 900 IU is sometimes prescribed with the hormone GnRHa. GnRHa controls how much follitropin alfa your body normally produces. This prevents your hormone levels from spiking because of the increase from your IVF medication.

Where can you store Gonal F 900 IU in your home?

Most patients prefer to use Gonal F 900 IU injections at home, especially if they require multiple injections each day. Your injections must be kept at room temperature, away from any moisture or bright lights.

What are the common side effects for Gonal F 900 IU?

Gonal F 900 IU has several common side effects normally associated with IVF medication. This includes mild nausea, headaches and irritation around the skin where you administered your injection. Abdominal pain and minor swelling are also common side effects. If you experience severe swelling, difficulty breathing or unexpected weight gain, contact your doctor.

Disclaimer: information taken from webMD.com

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